Усадьба Просто Гринс

Усадьба Просто Гринс!

Расположение: Eastern Canada

This Project is realized by a OffGridEnclave Community member.
Special thanks to Halizza for providing Pics and Infos to present this as Project.

Welcome to Simply Greens Homestead! Мы с женихом переехали через Канаду, to this property in April 2023. We left the corporate lifestyle to pursue asimplerlife. Although Off-gridding is far from simple, It’s the best choice we’ve made. We are learning each and every day, and with the help of the OffGridEnclave, We have been able to surpass our year one goals, and continue to improve each and every day. If you have any questions reach out to me on the разлад!

Размер земли : ~ 80 Acres(32 Hectares)
Размер структуры: ~ 40ft fifth wheel RV.
Living space: ~390 ft²

Система питания: 2x 9000W Gasoline Generator.
вода delivered into 6x 1100L Tanks. 300 watt 120v pump to pump into trailer.
Toilet is Outdoor / Trailer toilet.

Обогрев 3 Kw Stove for wood logs .
связи 200/50 Mbit Starlink Satelite Internet

Vegetable garden coming this year, 6x 4ftx8ft beds
Местные фермерские рынки
Местный супермаркет.

If you have any questions or input feel free to join our дискорд-сервер сообщества.
See you there !