Live Support Module

Life Support Module

Small, efficiant, and lovely. This 2m x 4m container got modified into a fully OffGrid housing for two persons (and a dog).
Adapting a lot of idears and devices from the caravan world to save space. Technical devices are nicely arranged to enable a maximum of luxery on a minimum of space. The features include two beds, a shower, a small cooking corner with 2 plates, a fridge, a watertab + sink, outside and inside led lights, 120l watertank incl. pump, multible closets, wood-stove, a table and room to sit, 2 sealing lights and last but not least a fully functional solar system.

Size of land : ~ 1.000m²
Structure size: ~ 8.5m²
Living space: ~8.5m²
Location: Central Europa
Building materials used : ~ Wood, sheet metal, styrofoam-plates isolation,

Power System
320 Watt Solar Panels
Chargecontrollers: 1 x 5A pmw, 1 x 20A mppt
1x AGM Battery at 12V : 220 AH c100
1x High Frequency Inverter 1 Kw 220V
700 watt Gasoline Generator Singlephase 220 Volt

Rainwater harvesting into 120l inside tank.
25watt 12v pump

3 Kw Stove for logs or coalbrickets.
200 watt micro boiler 6l .

10/10 Mbit directional Wifi.

Vegetable garden 30m²
Local farming markets
Local supermarket

Portable Festival Toilet

Overview of the inside structure

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