Cabine – Camp Decadence

Camp Decadence

Location: North-Central United States – Climate Zone 7

All framing is 16 inch on center. Main floor joists are 2×10 inches, walls and 2nd floor joists are 2×6, and roof rafters are 2×8. Roof pitch is 12/12 (45º). Everything is insulated with R-19 fiberglass.

Construction began in 2012. Total cost so far is around 13,000 USD and completion should top out around 15k. This includes a small amount for labor, specifically installing most windows, the roof, and the house wrap in 2013. It also includes some second-hand materials that reduced costs.


  • Total Size : 400 ft² usable space
  • 12×16 main room
  • 12×6 covered porch
  • 12×8 loft bedrooms (2) upstairs with…
  • 12×5 landing/hall between

Power System
400 Watt Solar Panels
2x AGM Lead Acid Batteries at 24 Volt : 35 Ah
60A MPPT charge controller
1,6 kW Inverter

14 kW Stove for wood logs or coalbrickets. (can be leveld down to 3kW )

Wash water is sourced from snow in winter, rain gutters/barrels in summer, and an on-property creek when those fail.
Drinking/cooking water is sourced in town and brought in jugs.

Special thanks to OffGridEnclave community member nirreskeya for providing Pics and Infos to present this as Project.
If you would like to see more pictures or read up on details of the build go visit .