Le Petit Chaque – Little Shack

Le Petit Chaque – Little Shack

During the end of summer in 2021 I decided to embark on this project. I started by clearing the land and chose the location due to its proximity to a creek. After building id like to say I’m quite happy with how I’ve decided to lay out my area and I have plans to add more to the area in the future Including a porch, outhouse, cold clear, and gazebo.

Land size: approximately 1/2 acre
Structure size: 16′ x 12′
Location: Northern Ontario
Building materials used: wood, fiberglass insulation, sheet metal, styrofoam insulation (for the floor)


5-8kW Wood stove, firewood supplied from dead trees in the forest.

Power System

2x 100W solar panels
40A mppt charge controller
100Ah lithium-iron battery
500W inverter 12V -> 120V
2800 watt gasoline generator for running power tools, can charge the cabin battery using a 129V to 12V converter at the same time


4L jugs carried in. Used for cooking and drinking.


Mobile Internet LTE / 4G


– Beef occasionally from butchered cows on our farm.
– Local grocery store.
– Home garden located in a separate area.

Construction Phase

Special thanks to OffGridEnclave community member Sylfix for providing Pics and Infos to present this as Project.
If you would like to see more pictures or read up on details of the build , for questions or input join our community discord server.