DiY Bug Out Vehicle

DiY Bug Out Vehicle – Convert any Car for OffGrid Survival !

  • 12V solar charger , solar panel, small inverter, car fuses, connection cables
  • 12V Cb radio + magnetic rooftop antenna
  • USB Chargers for Phones/tables
  • 2nd Car Battery
  • 12v Gasoline pump
  • 12V water pump with 2-3m hose and water filters
  • Gas bottle + stove OR a simple Hobo Stove, 1 large pot
  • GPS, (in phone or as a navigation system)
  • Toolkit (car repairs), axe, knife, folding Shovel, zip ties, ductape, rope
  • Store able Food: noodles, Rice, Cans, Water
  • Sleeping Bag/blankets
  • Soap / personal hygiene stuff ,
  • 2 Sets of seasonal cloth
  • Medicaments for a month
  • Two Copies of all important documents
  • for hot areas -> a 12V cooling box
  • additional Fuel, 3-4 Canisters
  • Spare tire, tire plug kit and a good air compressor

Ventilation is important , specially if it is more then one person in a vehicle. the humidity of 3-4 exhaling humans that sleep in a closed car can be enough to have condensation water run as little rivers inside on the windows. A simple vent fan can be the difference between a comfortable space and a sauna and/or humid freezer with temp shifts. Vent fans use power too- not much but some- so yet another reason to emphasize having more solar/battery capacity than you strictly need.