Yurt Tatanka

The Yurt Tatanka

A beautiful yurt in the mountains of Slovenia.
Off the noise in a small village, yet within a 1h drive of the capital or the seaside of the adria.
Positioned on the top of a mountain with a breathtaking alpine view.
The yurt is on the same land as a wooden cabin build onto a concrete foundation that is located about 40m below the yurt.
It is situated at around 550 m above sea level.

Land size: 5000m²
Structure size: +- 30m²
Location: Slovenia Mountains


3-5kW Wood stove, firewood supplied from forest on the land.

Power System

(the power system is located in the wooden cabin, the yurt is connected via cable to the cabin)
1x 150W solar panel
20A PWM charge controller
120Ah AGM deep cycle battery
600W inverter 12V -> 220V
Grid Line via cable from a neighbour for backup/emergency purposes.


Rainwater harvesting for gardenwater.
Gridconnection of water in the wooden cabine.


Mobile Internet LTE / 4G


35m² Greenhouse
Plenty of outside vegetables

The Wooden Cabine

A small and lovely wooden cabine.
The construction was made around an existing concrete foundation and a single brick wall.
As materials mostly refurbished ressources and locally cut wood was used.
The two room cabin does also have a nice living room with a big window front facing south down the mountain providing a nice view.

Structure size: +- 25m²
Heating: 10kW Wood Kitchen Stove, firewood supplied from forest on the land.

Special thanks to OffGridEnclave community member Tatanka for allowing me to present this Project.
If you would like to see more pictures or read up on details of the build , for questions or input join our community discord server.