A rather large OffGrid Project.

Size of land : ~ 15.000m²
Structure size: ~ 550m²
Living space: ~400m²
Location: Central Europa, Czech Mountains
Building materials used : ~ Concrete 70%, Bricks 15%, Steel 10%, 5% Wood.

Power System

8400 Watt Solar Panels
400 Watt Wind Generator
3x Deep Cycle Batteries at 24V : 1150 AH c5, 740 AH c5, 720 AH c5
2x High Frequency Inverters 2,4 Kw
1x Low Frequency Inverter 3,6 Kw
3,6 Kw Gasoline Generator Multiphase 220/400 Volt
3,2 Kw Gasoline Generator Singlephase 220 Volt


Main water sourced thru well, 45m drilled hole, 450Watt Pump.
Secondary water sourced thru rainwater harvesting into 2x 1000l barrels for gardenwater.


25 Kw Stove for logs or coalbrickets. -> heatexchanger to heat watercycle ( 19/6 Kw for Water/Air).
28 Kw Automated. Heating for pellets, coal or logs. -> heatexchanger to heat watercycle ( 26/2 Kw for Water/Air).


Primary, 50/50 Mbit directional Wifi.
Secondary, 8/1 Mbit directional Wifi.
Backup, 18Mbit G5.

Food – Livestock

Small vegetable garden, about 8m²
(option for livestock if needbe)
Local farming markets
Local supermarket

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