Pozemská loď – Sunray Circle

Pozemská loď – Sunray Circle

A magical circular earthship build deep in the wilderness of Northern ontario. Postaven z více než 80% znovu použité nebo přírodní materiály Kácení stromů a frézování dřeva na stavbu našeho domova, and used 80,000lbs of earth rammed into tube netting for our primary walls.

Velikost půdy : 50acres
Velikost struktury:1000 ft² home with 400 ft² greenhouse
Obytný prostor: 1000 ft²
Umístění: Ontario, Zone 3a


1600 Watt Sluneční Panely
540ah 24v deep cycle marine Batteryblock
1400w pure sine Střídač
3000w modified sine Inverter
A gas/propane generator soon to be using methane digested from our animals (biogas).


Natural passive heat from earthship design.
6-8kW Wood stove and in floor radiant heat


Voda sourced from a sandpoint well that was driven inside the greenhouse.
Pump it to cisterns both in the house for the home water and up into a water tower where it auto irrigates all the gardens.
The home is 50ft from a large rivers edge, between two waterfalls, one 30ft and one 17ft. The plan is to to generate power from the river eventually.

Jídlo / Zahrada

Size : 12,000 ft²
13 separate gardens, mostly keyhole style.
Zde najdete zajímavé projekty OffGrid a soběstačné bydlení pro referenci nebo výzkum garden is using hugelkulture mounds and permaculture companion planting, utilizing the local established ecosystem to create an abundance of wild forage including hazelnuts, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, mushrooms and plenty of vegetables.
Plenty of livestock: chicken, sheep, horses and such .)

Special thanks to OffGridEnclave community member Xivanari for providing Pics and Infos to present this as Project.
If you would like to see more pictures or read up on details of the build go visit https://www.facebook.com/SunrayCircle/ .